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Matching cargoes to ships is at the core of Ovatio’s day to day activities. Through its shipbroking and collaborating offices worldwide, Ovatio offers chartering services in Dry Bulk.
Ovatio has developed an excellent reputation for its strong ties to industrial shipping, and retains close relations with many of the leading industrial producers, trader and shippers worldwide. Ovatio prides itself on offering the highest levels of service, retaining a high broker-operator ratio.

Commercially, Ovatio’s diverse fleet profile enables it to serve its customers worldwide in multiple trade routes, carrying a wide range of cargoes. Ovatio seeks to charter its vessels in an active and sophisticated manner, taking advantage of the fuel efficiency of the fleet, and particularly the eco newbuilding vessels. Ovatio uses a moderate, adaptive and flexible strategy of employing a portion of the fleet on longer period charters and the rest of the fleet at spot employments or short period time charters.

Ovatio aims is and intends to continue to be one of the most efficient and low cost vessel operators. Ovatio’s in-house commercial management allows it to take advantage of synergies and economies of scale from managing a large fleet of vessels, thereby containing operating costs and corporate overhead. At the same time the extensive experience of management team ensures quality of operations and continuous compliance with all environmental regulations and maritime safety standards.

Diversity Join our customer base from large commodity houses to single commodity producers and end users. You will benefit from our strong focus on risk management, including the use of derivatives for hedging, to provide you with cost effective, long-term coverage.
We carry a wide range of cargo from dry bulk (e.g. grain, petcoke, cement, fertilizer, coal, chemical and mineral products) to break bulk (e.g. steel products and pipes, alumina products, bagged/unitized agricultural products and logs, on a contract and spot basis. Routes and cargoes can be regular, or ad hoc.

General cargo and the composition of various steel products have always been a vital and fundamental part of Ovatio’s business. We carry large amounts of break bulk/general cargo as bagged/palletised goods, timber, plywood and the like for various worldwide destinations.
Moreover, our experienced staff is specialized in handling classified cargoes.
The diversity of the selected fleet allows us the flexibility to optimise each sailing in order to offer our customers reliable and competitive shipping solutions.

In Ovatio, we take pride in our strong know-how and our ingenuity. No matter the kind of project, we guarantee a deep involvement, high quality and personalized solutions, adding value to the different projects.
Whatever cargo, whatever time or destination – our global network ensures that we can always find the right solution for you. Experienced Captains in close cooperation with skilled deck officers are carefully coordinated by Ovatio for the safe stowage, loading, carriage and discharging of all project cargoes.