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Trading IntroArbirtrage Opportunities

In Ovatio, we operate suppliers’ mineral commodities. We also offer value-added services, including, processing, storage and logistics that can be combined with our scale and market knowledge to make us preferred partners for many.
This business includes commodities departments’ for copper, zinc & lead, nickel, ferroalloys, alumina and iron ore.

Our customer base is highly diversified, with a high proportion of long-term commercial relationships.

What it is
Global commodity trader seeks to identify and respond to supply and demand differentials between linked markets. They use arbitrage to trade physical commodities without incurring price risk. They hedge price exposure using exchange-traded contracts and over-the-counter instruments. Many of our markets are fragmented or periodically volatile. As a result, price discrepancies often occur between the prices at which commodities can be bought or sold in different geographic locations or time periods. Other factors include freight and product quality.
These pricing discrepancies can offer us arbitrage opportunities based on our ability to source, transport, blend, store or otherwise process the relevant commodities. While these strategies vary from commodity to commodity, the main opportunities can be generally described as:
1. Geographic arbitrage
2. Product arbitrage
3. Time arbitrage.

What we do
We mitigate any credit (including performance) risk in relation to suppliers and customers through systematically applying measures such as credit insurance, letters of credit, security arrangements, or bank and corporate guarantees.
Our marketing team manages market exposure to acceptably low levels by reducing price risk arising from timing differences between buying and selling commodities. We have comprehensive risk management systems and procedures in place to monitor these activities. Similarly, we have extensive compliance policies & procedures, and use third-party screening software systems to manage compliance with sanctions and other regulations.